Bar Wish List

We're always on the lookout for new and unique spirits. Currently, we'd be interested in adding the following items to our already dizzying array. Each list is in approximate order by priority. We also happily accept monetary donations via paypal. Alternatively, if you're planning on making a large purchase at, do so through this link and the Tiki Bar will get a small cut.

Harder to Find Liquors

  1. Green Tea Liqueur, any brand - it appears that our goto (Zen Green Tea) is no longer manufactured so we are entertaining new entrants in the category
  2. Ron Zacapa XO Rum - the King of Rums. EXPENSIVE
  3. Different Varities of Single Malt Scotch - we have several (Ardbeg 10, Bunnahabhain 12, Laphroaig Quarter Cask, Macallan 15) but would like to extend our collection

Liquors we are always running out of

Most of these should be readily available

  1. 1800 Tequila - Margaritas are the most frequently ordered cocktail according to our statistics. Seriously, we never have enough 1800.
  2. Gin - Tanqueray, Bombay Sapphire, Hendricks, Bluecoat...we drink it all and as the tastes of the regulars have shifted and refind over time, we drink increasing amounts of it.
  3. Kraken Spiced Dark Rum - We tend to go through a bottle of this stuff every party.


  1. Blenheim Extra Hot Gingerale (pink cap) - we use a lot of it and we have no local source. Primarily available from "South of the Border" on I-95 in South Carolina. If you happen to be passing by, please consider stopping and picking us up a case.
  2. Stirrings Authentic Pomegranate Grenadine - This stuff is awesome, but we have no local source.
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