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The Wall of Shots

The Wall of Shots was inspired, oddly enough, by the Container Store. There was an end-cap on one of the aisles that was covered in glass vials of differing sizes and I was just intrigued by them. I mentioned this in passing to my compatriots - something to the effect of "I want to come up with some project that uses something from this end-cap" and of course, I was taken seriously. It morphed from a "Display Wall" where people could see and sample the different liquors at the bar without bothering the bartender, to essentially, shot roulette for those who can't make up their mind what they want to shoot.

The frame is made out of maple, the vials were purchased from the Container Store, and the electronics are run by an Arduino. There is a rocker switch on the bottom that switches it between "display mode" where all of the vials are lit up, and "game mode" where pressing the button causes vials to light up randomly one-by-one until you press the button again. (The "shot roulette" version). Here is a demo video:

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