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Tiki Bar 3.0

In 2008 my wife and I started looking for a house, naturally one of our primary criteria was "has to have a room for the Tiki Bar". Yes, I am the luckiest man alive. Eventually we found the perfect house - up-and-coming neighborhood, plenty of bedrooms for starting a family, plus a Living Room, Dining Room (which we never had before because we always put the Tiki Bar in the Dining Room), Family Room and a Tiki Room - plus several bathrooms to facilitate getting overnight Tiki Guests through the shower after parties. The Tiki Room was well suited to its intended activity - decent size, reasonably high ceilings, already had water and drain run to it, and it had a nearby bathroom (just in case). Design began before we even closed on the house. Construction began soon after (in July of 2008).

I have many design documents to scan and upload, but for now I will just highlight the main difference between Tiki Bar 2.0 and Tiki Bar 3.0:

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